Thursday, May 19, 2011

With the arrival of our 4th daughter in a few weeks I find myself trying to prepare for her arrival. I have washed her clothes, I have the crib ready, necessities have been purchased, rooms have been rearranged, closets gone through, the house has been cleaned (in a matter of days this will need to be done again), and yesterday I prepared (with the help of my wonderful mom and grandma) 21 freezer meals.

I have talked with our three older ladies about what it will be like when Mommy goes to the hospital. I have outlined activities for them to do and things to keep them busy. I have mentally tried to prepare myself to be a mother of 4. (Not sure if that is possible or not :)

As I reflected over all theses preparations, it got me thinking about my spiritual life. Do I daily prepare as if Christ is the center of my life? Do I invest the same amount of time and energy in preparing for his return or my departure? Do I clean out the closets in my own life (sin)? Do I get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose in my life or are a hindrance to me (distractions that keep my focus off of Christ)?

Preparation takes effort, time, energy, dedication, and perseverance. But more important than how much of these things I am willing to invest in preparation is what I am preparing for.